Here at Dr. Robert Ferrell, DMD, MS, our periodontist offers multiple tooth implants to restore your smile! For patients who have multiple missing teeth, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Ferrell today. You can inquire about receiving tooth implants in South Ogden, Utah, by calling us at 801-334-9258!

When a person is mission two or more teeth, then multiple implants may be required. Dr. Ferrell will make sure that the fewest implants will be placed for the maximum result. Implants can be spread apart so that multiple teeth can be replaced with only a few implants. Traditional bridges on natural teeth provide a similar function; however, a natural tooth bridge can be a compromise because it removes a significant portion of the natural tooth, which weakens the tooth and could create a higher susceptibility for decay. Implant supported bridges do not have these compromises and allows us to replace several teeth with only a few implants.